About VNA + Hospice

The Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice of Northern Berkshire (VNA & Hospice) is the area's leader in professional home health care. In existence since 1911, the VNA & Hospice provides the services you need to recuperate from illness, injury, or childbirth, or to manage an acute or serious medical condition, while enjoying the comfort and security of your own home.

The role of home care has grown rapidly as government efforts to control health care costs have forced hospitals to shorten length of stay. Hospital patients often return home to find themselves in need of skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, and assistance with daily living.

In response to this trend, the VNA & Hospice has expanded its services to meet the increasingly complex medical needs of patients in the home by providing sophisticated nursing care that previously could only be obtained in the hospital - for example, intravenous (IV) therapy.

At the same time, the VNA & Hospice continues to offer its traditional, broad range of home health services to support people with acute or serious illnesses or disabilities, assist women and infants before and after childbirth, and help the elderly remain independent.

Last but not least, the VNA & Hospice reaches out to the community by providing many preventative health care services. Educational programs, free health screenings and fairs, and communicable disease immunizations and follow-up visits all help you and your family stay healthy.