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Treatment, education and support for patients with physical or cognitive limitations that prevent them from living as independently as possible.
• Medical social service
• Occupational therapy
• Physical therapy
• Speech and language therapy
• Nutritional counseling
Professional licensed therapists provide in-home physical, speech and occupational therapies. Medical social work case management and counseling are provided in home by a licensed master’s-prepared professional.
A wide range of professional services are provided that treat, teach and support the patient (and family) with: diabetes, arthritis, cardiac disease and stroke, joint replacements, trauma and Parkinson’s disease, mastectomy, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, pulmonary disease, mental illness and developmental disabilities.
Referrals are appropriate for the following conditions and symptoms:
For Medical Social Services:
• Patient and family coping with illness and disability
• Community and financial resources
• Psychosocial assessment for mental or physical illness
• Presence of social problems or barriers to receiving medical care—e.g., marital, financial, family or safety—that impede the patient’s plan of care or rate of recovery
• Inadequate housing conditions
• Conditions that involve a change in self-concept; e.g., dementia, terminal illness, CVA, MS, recent amputation, paralysis, AIDS
• Possible or probable abuse or neglect
• Depression, anxiety
• Stress management
• Need for long-term placement
• Inadequate or “overwhelmed” caregivers
• Patient/caregiver noncompliance with plan of care
For Occupational Therapy:
• Independence in activities of daily living: cooking, eating, bathing, dressing and home management
• Home safety (assessment and recommendations)
• Energy-saving techniques
• Community living skills
• Family/caregiver education
• Cognitive/perceptual training
• Joint protection techniques for arthritis
• Low-vision assessment
For Physical Therapy:
• Pain and edema control
• Therapeutic exercise
• Bed mobility, transfers
• Positioning for safety and comfort
• Gait training/assessment for assistive devices
• Wheelchair assessment and instruction
• Prosthetic training
• Home safety and accessibility/stair training
• Respiratory exercises
• Balance and coordination training
• Caregiver/family instruction
• Strengthening/gain of joint mobility
For Speech and Language Therapy:
• Verbal and nonverbal communication training
• Language skills, memory and cognitive retraining
• Stuttering, voice and swallowing therapy
• Improvement of speech intelligibility and volume
Also provided:
• Nutritional counseling

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