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You may call 24 hours a day with questions! 

Visiting hours are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 4 to 8 p.m.; please do not bring children under 8 years old except siblings. Thank you!

Childbirth Education is offered on an on-going basis.    Call 413-664-5128 to register.

We're proud to say that more than 300 families chose North Adams Regional Hospital's Birthing Center for the most special event last year: the birth of their baby. We've been delivering babies for more than a hundred years!

The secrets to our success, of course, are the physicians and staff of the Birthing Center. Our obstetrics medical staff includes Alison Hastings, DOCharles O'Neill, M.D., and Susan Yates, M.D., and certified nurse midwife Carol Bryan, CNM.

Our maternity nursing staff is second to none. A mother who had a baby at NARH put it this way: "I am so impressed and thrilled at the wonderful nursing staff at NARH. I felt as though I was a princess and it was a great feeling. A+ staff!" All of our maternity nurses are certified in neonatal resuscitation.

The NARH Birthing Center offers three comfortable, home-like birthing (labor and delivery) rooms with surgical facilities just a step away.

Because the birth of your baby is so unique, we want it to happen just as you envision. We cater to birthing plans, and will work with parents to make sure the experience is the best it can be.

Newborn Hearing Testing

North Adams Regional Hospital was the first medical facility in Berkshire County to offer routine hearing screenings for newborns and today we offer state-of-the-art screening technology. It's a simple but important exam that helps to identify potential problems early. For the very small percentage of children with hearing problems present at birth, that means earlier intervention and better outcomes.  Read more about it here.

Follow-up Care

Every new mother is eligible to receive a free follow-up visit by a nurse from the Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice of Northern Berkshire. It's a great chance to ask questions and help ease the fears and anxieties of being a new parent. The trained parent/child health nurse can help if you become ill, or if you are young and inexperienced. We can also help you to understand choices for birth control, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, and general infant care. We want parents to enjoy the first days of parenthood!

Experts agree: breastfeeding is best for the new baby.

But it's not as easy as it looks! That's why North Adams Regional Hospital offers breastfeeding education with a certified lactation consultant, Rosalie Girard. Call the Birthing Center at 413-664-5127 to learn more about our breastfeeding support program.

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